Meet the Smiths

Craig Smith

Craig is the brains of the operation and founded the farm in 2009 after learning about goats for a high school project. 

Laura Smith

Laura is the matriarch of the family and a lover of lambs. Without her support, Craig never could've gotten Smith Family Farms up and running. 

Jimmy Smith

Jimmy is the Father of the family and a practicing cardiologist. He has sacrificed so much for the family and even gave up living close to work to move to the country. 

Todd Smith

Todd is the second eldest sibling and a practicing veterinarian at UVH in Shreveport. 

Erin Smith

Erin is the third eldest child and the only female sibling of the bunch. Following in her older brother's footsteps, she too is a practicing Veterinarian at UVH. 

Daniel Smith

Daniel is the youngest and (self proclaimed) funniest sibling. He is working towards his MBA at Louisiana Tech University.

Emily Smith

Emily, Todd Smith's highschool sweetheart, married into the family in 2014. She too shares a love for all animals and is in charge of social media at the Roaming Butcher and Smith Family Farms. 

Jackson McConnicco

Jackson is engaged to Erin Smith and is the manager of the Roaming Butcher and Smith Family Farms. He obtained his business degree from Louisiana Tech and loves his Great Pyrenees, Lucky.

Lauren Smith

Lauren married Craig Smith in the Spring of 2020. She is a practicing nurse but also helps out on the farm tremendously.